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“In any game, no player or team could ever perform to their highest potential without a coach's guidance. I believe that applies to life and one's career as well. Working with Tracy was a heart- and mind-opening experience and it certainly helped clear up my foggy mind. Sometimes things got a little uncomfortable when we touched on a nerve but those are also the times when the breakthroughs are the most rewarding. How much you put into it is directly proportionate to how much you get out of it.

At the end of the day, whether you're trying to solve a problem or seeking direction, the answer really lies within you. But it takes a qualified coach like Tracy to bring it out. I wish Tracy and all her clients success in life.” Daniel Lim, Creativity Consultant, China

“Tracy is passionate about what she does and brings real spiritual empathy and intuition to her work. She has the ability to go from big picture to details. I had lost everything when we started talking and she helped to bring perspective to what felt like an overwhelming mess. Now I am back on track, feeling very healthy and positive.” Managing Director, Media Entertainment, China

“Tracy has supported me in the journey of this difficult life change process. With her as my coach, I accomplished a seemingly "impossible" task in just a weekend. Without her as my coach, I know I would have prolonged the painful process. Her special talent for helping me to recognise personal cues gives me lots of comfort and confidence.” General Manager, Media Agency, China

“I had for a long time been trying to figure things out for myself in terms of career and happiness. I felt like I was going round in circles. Working with Tracy I acquired the skills I needed to clarify my thinking, understand myself better and move forward with my life. I had very practical objectives in mind when I agreed to try coaching and I was surprised how many more benefits I gained from the experience.”
Manager, China

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How did a girl from a small country town in Australia end up in Beijing you may ask? I came to visit a friend for a month and never left, of course! It's the usual back-packing saga involving love, marriage and 17 years later, two beautiful daughters. By accident, some may say. But as I have learned, there is no such thing as coincidence, it was all destiny!

As an Australian who has spent most of my adult life in Beijing, China, I like to consider myself a culturally aware, global citizen. I’ve had the good fortune to have a foot in two worlds, one full of nature and space, the other a mega-city and mecca for great minds from around the world. My unique life experience has allowed me to develop the ability to make strong connections with people from different cultural backgrounds, which I love to do. I am passionate about life, family, work, travel and personal development.

Building on 15 years of professional experience in marketing and communications, and recruiting for advertising, I provide transformational coaching for individuals, professionals and organisations. I work mainly with advertising agencies, branding, PR and marketing organisations. But I have worked with individuals and professionals from many other fields too. Prior to this I was Senior Consultant and Beijing Office Head for Quadrant Consulting, a boutique executive search company focused on high level searches for 4A advertising agencies. I started my career in media in Australia and this continued after moving to China in 1996. In 2000 I made the shift into public relations and spent an incredible 6 years heading up communications and PR at the British Council in Beijing. There I had the opportunity to promote over 300 events related to arts, education, science and legal reform and trained teams nationally in branding, PR and media interview skills. In 2003 I led communications for Think UK, the largest ever public diplomacy campaign the UK government had conducted outside the UK.

I received my ACC accreditation from the International Coaching Federation and completed the Coaching and Group Coaching and Training certification with the International Coaching Academy (ICA), Australia. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Communications majoring in journalism and PR from the University of Newcastle, Australia, and an advanced certificate in Marketing Management from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. I am also an accredited practitioner of the of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) Step II, Reiki 1 certified and a certified instructor for Parent Effectiveness Training.

I believe in living life to the full all the time. Besides my professional experience I have also had some incredible personal development experiences (which life in China inevitably inspires) and I am happy to bring my understanding in these areas to my coaching.

Through coaching I aim to help people achieve their highest potential whether it be in work, life or personal development. I help people reach for the stars, open their minds, make positive changes and achieve more than they imagined possible.

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so” Shakespeare

“Impossible is Nothing” Adidas

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